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Premium Technology Polska is the only company in the region with a team of certified CA PPM consultants at its disposal. All our consultants have extensive implementation experience acquired in projects conducted in Poland and abroad.

We are a well-recognized brand in the world of PPM solutions in Poland. Our knowledge, experience and use of best practices enables us to minimize deployment risk and guarantee substantial benefits for business clients.


Solution architects

Working together with the client’s Business Architects or Business Owners, the role of the solution architects is to ensure maximum fulfilment of the client’s requirements and expectations. The solution architects prepare the implementation concept, define the requirements and architecture and prepare a draft solution and configuration, which are one of the most important products/ communication media between us and our client.

The solution architects have extensive experience conducting deployments in a variety of sectors, such as banking and finance, telecommunications, IT and manufacturing. Thus, the solutions we propose are optimal, effectively support the required functionalities and are resistant to the key risks to which the given sector is exposed.


Functional consultants

The consultants in this group are responsible for conducting workshops initiating the project, requirements collection sessions, developing initial conceptions for the solution and conducting CA PPM product presentations and training sessions. Their task is to transfer knowledge to the client and ensure the client’s comfort in the process of adapting existing project processes to the CA Clarity PPM solution.

Our consultants have built their competencies on a foundation of reliable and practical knowledge acquired from the deployments they have conducted as well as their special preparation for their role, which includes communication training, problem solving and self-presentation.


Technical consultants

The consultants in this group have 12 years’ experience deploying PPM-class solutions in a variety of technologies. This guarantees that, regardless of the environment and the client’s requirements, we are always able to deliver a stable, scalable and safe solution that effectively supports the project and portfolio processes in the client’s organization.

Our technical consultants can provide the client with technical support, install and configure the solution, update it and create interfaces with other systems.


Project supervisors

Our project supervisors do not only have competencies confirmed by certification, but also practical experience conducting CA Clarity PPM deployment projects for various organizations. This is particularly important for our clients, who can take advantage of practical deployment models that shorten implementation time and minimize the necessary changes and iterations.



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