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CA PPM Services

Due to our extensive experience implementing and maintaining CA PPM-based solutions, we offer our clients a wide range of services with added value.


New deployments

Regardless of the scale of the implementation, the target environment (on premise/ hosting), sector or geographic location, Premium Technology Polska delivers comprehensive CA PPM deployment services. The implementations are based on best practices developed during work performed on a wide array of projects for clients in Poland and abroad.

In justified cases, prior to the main implementation, we suggest conducting a pilot implementation in order to familiarize the client with CA Clarity PPM technology and enable easier management of the organizational change that the deployment will entail.


Solution maintenance and migrations

We are highly experienced in maintaining existing CA PPM systems on our clients’ premises. We also conduct projects involving migrating processes of project portfolio management from other solutions to CA PPM, and in particular, migrating client data on their various projects to one system.

Also frequently subject to migration are reporting processes and technologies for projects or entire portfolios.


Diagnosis and optimization

Our extensive experience in the area of portfolio management in organizations enables us to conduct, upon the client’s request, a special type of service: diagnosing and recommending changes and improvements to existing solutions, which translate into the expected business results.

Examples of such diagnoses:

  • maximizing return on investment in PPM solutions with the help of a review of existing management processes and system configurations,
  • shortening the time it takes users to adapt to a new solution by assessing and creating metrics and tools enabling the rapid estimation of the extent to which the given solution has already been assimilated by the organization. The assessment is performed on the technical level (extent and quality of project data entered into the system) as well as sociological level (acceptance of the solution among users),
  • project reviews/audits concerning compliance with methodologies and/or best practices,
  • CA PPM performance reviews during which our consultants analyze productivity issues and propose a feasible action plan that results in the satisfaction of user needs.


Integration and extension of CA PPM

We create efficient interfaces with the client’s other systems that make it possible to get the most out of CA PPM.

Depending on needs, we also develop specific software modules addressing specific client needs – e.g. in the areas of financial management, handling of the sales pipeline, making estimates using the functional points method etc.


Reporting systems

Reporting is a key portfolio function, so CA PPM does it, too. As a SAP partner we have special competencies creating effective reporting solutions that provide the relevant data to the right users. This makes it easier to make the right decisions and constitutes one of the key success factors of a CA PPM implementation in an organization.

We design and develop reporting portlets, Business Objects reports and reports in Xcelsius and Crystal Reports technologies.



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