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Premium PPM Cloud

We provide the leading CA Clarity PPM solution in the industry, but unlike other vendors, we do not force our clients to change their business processes because of these new tools. Premium PPM Cloud has been developed with project teams in mind. The solution is flexible and easy to configure, thus enabling the addition of new PPM functionalities whenever the need arises and the target organization is ready for them.

Premium PPM Cloud includes:

  • project and project portfolio management services based on CA Clarity PPM,
  • solution administration and configuration services for the client,
  • a specified SLA for the entire solution,
  • help-desk for end users.

Premium PPM Cloud is addressed to clients who seek cost transparency as well as reduction of overall system costs (entry threshold). In this model, the client receives the complete service for a monthly fee, with minimum initial implementation costs for a solution tailored to the client’s needs.

The parameters defined in the SLA are adapted to the client's business requirements and are prepared together with the client.


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