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PRO 6 Method

During our deployments, we use the proven PRO 6 Method project process, which consists of several stages.


Stage I: Diagnosis

Our diagnosis serves to identify the client organization’s growth potential and to assess:

  • the organization’s capacity to develop PPM practices and processes,
  • the level of maturity as well as short- and long-term prospects of organizational and staff PPM competency development,
  • the growth capacity of project supervisors and members of the Projects Bureau,
  • the capacity to implement mature portfolio-related decision-making practices and foster the desirable project culture,
  • existing management practices governing resources, business change and risk.


Stage II: Draft solution

Our approach focuses on a good understanding of the client’s organizational strengths relating to PPM tools and practices. The next step is to create a draft solution, which, based on the identified growth potential of the organization, constitutes a roadmap of the actions to be taken, adapting the new practices and processes to the organization’s culture. This will enable achievement of the expected business results in the optimal manner.

It will also ensure the best possible fit of the new organizational structures, processes and tools with the specific goals of cooperation and available resources.


Stage III: Implementation

At this stage we conduct the carefully planned and client-approved implementation of the PPM process elements and tools selected in the previous stages.
In particular, we may perform any of the following tasks:

  • addressing deficiencies in project managers’ competencies,
  • establishing/ improving the Projects Bureau,
  • establishing and automating the Virtual Projects Bureau,
  • implementing project processes, tools and action templates (schemes),
  • constituting new project management structures,
  • implementing the project resources management process (discipline),
  • implementing the comprehensive CA PPM solution



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